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About the Farm

Hi, I’m Sherri & welcome to Good Life Farm in beautiful Williams, Oregon. We are a small family farm specializing in unique Local blooms, Sustainably & Regeneratively grown for all occasions. We grow a myriad of beautiful plants from ornamental grasses, sweet peas, colorful annuals, perennials and dahlias. We never use pesticides or synthetic fertilizers keeping in mind our pollinator friends and fur babies that roam the gardens with us.

I put my love for color, art & design into every arrangement I create for my clients. By curating beautiful blooms and foraging for natural elements I am able to provide unique arrangements for each client. And, by purchasing locally grown flowers, clients get the freshest product which is ethically grown and lasts longer than plant material usually shipped in from other countries.

About Me

I have been gardening since I was a toddler, helping my Great Grandfather, Boppa, pick fresh veggies from their garden in Indiana. I am a wife, professionally trained photographer, painter, collector of found objects turning those objects into art and have a love of the outdoors. I love spending time with my husband, family and fur babies, cooking food grown on our farm garden and as my husband likes to call me a ‘plantaholic’, I’ll own that title!. Most days you can find me outside tending the flower & veggie gardens, feeding our menagerie of animals, sowing seeds, planting, weeding & crafting beautiful floral arrangements.

Custom Flower Arrangements